Hygge, Ikigai, Lagom: Which is your Lifestyle Philosophy?

Hygge, Ikigai, Lagom - Life Philosophies - Featured Image

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s a habit. You are the only person with sole custody of your life and the responsibility to actively involve yourself in the direction you so desire. Here are three words of happiness to live by. From the Scandi concepts of Hygge to the East of Ikigai, expand your cultural self-care […]

Everyone’s Turning Their Favourite Spotify Tracks Into Cool Shopping Receipts

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Everyone’s creating aesthetically pleasing shopping receipts out of their Spotify playlist and sharing it on Instagram! Here’s how you can create one too. Subtly flaunt your awesome playlist to your friends with Receiptify. This site will turn your most-streamed Spotify tracks into shopping receipts.    1. Consent to usage of your data   2. Login […]

Malaysian TikToker Creates Sensational Photos With A Random Light Stick

Malaysian TikToker - Featured Image

Malaysian TikToker who goes by @heartpatrick produces spectacular pictures all around Malaysia by swirling a light stick around.   @heartpatrick #tiktokmalaysia #tiktokguru #learnontiktok ♬ Coño (feat. Jhorrmountain x Adje) – Puri   In his short video, @heartpatrick can be seen manoeuvring around an alley street backwards while waving a light stick.     10-seconds later, […]

Top 10 Netflix Original TV Series Favorites Of All Time

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Here are 10 totally binge worthy Netflix original TV series you should not miss. (From least to highest critic score based on Rotten Tomatoes.)   10. Black Mirror Critic score: 83% “Black Mirror” is a chilling anthology series that explores themes of contemporary techno-paranoia resulting from an unchecked advancement of technology. Perhaps the real allure […]