The K-Beauty Secret To Fighting Maskne In The Face Of Covid-19 Pandemic

The K-Beauty Secret To Fighting Maskne In The Face Of Covid-19 Pandemic – 1 –

Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 causing skin-related pandemic outbreak on your face? We feel you. Hurdle and take notes. While you can’t ditch the mask, there are some Korean beauty hacks you can adopt to keep that beautiful face healthy.      Of the regular list of new vocabulary we had to add this year, Mask […]

IOS 14 Lets You Access Your Favorite Apps Faster by Back Tapping your iPhone

IOS 14 iPhone Back View - Featured Image

iPhone’s IOS 14 removes the chore of having to look for your most used apps manually.    With the latest IOS 14 update, you can easily open an app or action with the “Back Tap” feature without having to manually search for it. Make sure the following requirements are met before your set up: Your phone […]

Everyone’s Turning Their Favourite Spotify Tracks Into Cool Shopping Receipts

Spotify x Receiptify - Featured Image

Everyone’s creating aesthetically pleasing shopping receipts out of their Spotify playlist and sharing it on Instagram! Here’s how you can create one too. Subtly flaunt your awesome playlist to your friends with Receiptify. This site will turn your most-streamed Spotify tracks into shopping receipts.    1. Consent to usage of your data   2. Login […]

10 Life Hacks From TikTok That Will Change Your Life

Tik Tok Life Hack - Featured Image

Leave it to TikTok to school us on life hacks. Sure the app is home to fun renegade and quick entertainment, but don’t sleep on the useful content that users all over the world are sharing.   1. The Ritz Crackers Hack Ever wondered what are the ridges on Ritz crackers for? Turns out the […]

The Most Instagrammable Purple Island in South Korea

Purple Island in South Korea - Article Feature Image

Deliberating on where to visit once international travel reopens? Forget the big cities like Busan or Jeju. There’s a new attraction making waves in South Korea.   Banwol-do, meaning “half-moon island”, is located in Sinan County, province of South Jeolla in South Korea. No, we did not add any filters on these pictures.     […]