Malaysia’s Merdeka PNB 118 Challenges The Tallest Building In The World

Merdeka PNB 118 - Featured Image

Malaysia Merdeka PNB 118 will become the 2nd tallest building in the world, after Burj Khalifa in Dubai, when it is completed in 2021. 


Merdeka 118 KL



The Merdeka PNB 118 will redefine Malaysia’s skyline.

Measuring at 678.9 meters tall, and consisting of 118 storeys above ground (of course), the building is just 45 storeys shorter than the current tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which measures 828 meters tall.



Merdeka 118 KLSource


It is a commemoration of Malaysia’s most iconic moments, the Hari Merdeka (Independence Day). Not surprisingly, the design is inspired by the silhouette of Tun Abdul Rahman’s iconic salut while chanting “Merdeka” seven times.


Merdeka 118 KL



The building boasts 83 levels of Grade-A offices and 17 storeys of luxury hotel. The remaining storeys will accommodate the sky lobby, observation deck, restaurants, podium and other amenities.


Merdeka 118 KL



Malaysia has been building skyscrapers after another, starting with Petronas Twin Towers in 1998, and the Exchange 106 in 2019.


Petronas Twin Towers was the tallest building in the world up until 2004 when it got dethroned by Taipei 101 tower. However, they remain the tallest twin towers in the world.


Southeast Asia's tallest building ready for occupation in Kuala Lumpur, SE Asia News & Top Stories - The Straits Times



With the new addition, Malaysia will have a total of 4 out of 5 tallest skyscrapers in Southeast Asia.


Merdeka 118 KL


However, a new skyscraper in construction, Wuhan Greenland Center, which is also slated to complete in the same year will knock Merdeka PNB 118 off second place almost immediately.


Will we stop at nothing?


Cover Image Credit: @SkyscrapersMY


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