HEYTEA Is Serving Alcoholic Bobas

HEYTEA Alcoholic Bobas - Featured Image

The popular boba chain from China, HEYTEA, may be known for its cheese milk foam tea but they also have a bar at none other than Clarke Quay, Singapore, serving alcohol!


1. Summer Fiesta

HEYTEA Alcoholic Bobas - Summer Siesta

Crafted with sweet Japanese plum wine, Every Spring, ice jelly and mini alcohol-infused rice balls.


2. Spring Fling

HEYTEA Is Serving Alcoholic Bobas – 2 –

A sweet cool-down combining classic White Rum, Jasmine green tea and a hint of mint.


3. Autumn Ashes

HEYTEA Autumn Ashes - Feature Image

Combining tequila, Shinning Orchid tea with notes of pepper.


4. Winter Solace

HEYTEA - Winter Solace

Sweet-sour cocktail made of organic grains, Chinese Baiju and strawberries.


5. Scarlet’s Heart (Singapore Exclusive)

HEYTEA Alcoholic Bobas - Scarlet Hearts - 2

Mashed fruit pulps with Jasmine cloud Pine and spicy Cognac brandy.


5. The Royal’s Romance (Singapore Exclusive)

HEYTEA Alcoholic Bobas - The Royals Romance

Vodka with Osmanthus Oolong Tea.


Trouble sipping your boba whilst having a mask on? We have just the solution for you.



Cover Image Credit: HEYTEA


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