The Asian Kopi Lingo Is Made Up Of Four Languages

Kopi Lingo 5 Languages - Featured Image

Did you know, the kopi lingo is a rojak of four languages? (Rojak means “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay.) In fact, it’s a mix of Mandarin, Malay and other dialects — a reflection of Asia’s multi-racial environment. It’s no wonder I’m hopeless at ordering local coffee.


Kopi Gu You - Heap Seng Leong

So, just how good are you at ordering a drink at your local Kopitiam? With so many suffixes than can be matched in so many permutations, getting your caffeine fix can be a daunting task.


Here’s a simple guide to Singapore’s Kopi Culture.

Kopi Lingo 5 Languages - Flow Chart

Ordering of kopi is centered around an individual’s preference for milk, tea/coffee concentration, sugar level. Once you have grasp the basic terms, you’ll be on your way to order kopi like a boss!


Anyone wants to lepak at the kopitiam this afternoon? I’ll take a Kopi-O gao Kaya Toasts and some please.


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