Malaysian TikToker Creates Sensational Photos With A Random Light Stick

Malaysian TikToker - Featured Image

Malaysian TikToker who goes by @heartpatrick produces spectacular pictures all around Malaysia by swirling a light stick around.



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In his short video, @heartpatrick can be seen manoeuvring around an alley street backwards while waving a light stick.


Malaysian TikToker heartpatrick - Malaysia Merdeka


10-seconds later, the video cut to his end product, a striking trail of the national flag leading to the Petronas Twin Towers. The video has since gone viral and garnered over 311,000 views and 52,000 likes at the time of writing.


Malaysian TikToker heartpatrick - Pantai Mangkuk


@heartpatrick, who happens to be a professional photographer, is using a technique called “light painting”. This is achieved through long light exposure. Long light exposure captured by the camera allows movements and light to be captured in streaks and trails due to a slower shutter speed. 


His creativity, even amidst the Conditional Movement Control Order (MCO), puts a refreshing perspective on the bouts of Malaysia. It has sparked plenty of conversations amongst netizens and earned him praises.



TikTok Merdeka-themed photo

TikTok Merdeka-themed photo


Netizen EMMYquin commented in Malay, “I’m so proud. Keep it up and continue sharing your talent”. In another comment, Nami called @heartpatrick a Master in Mandarin.


His amazing work proves that being confined to or revisiting common dwelling spaces don’t have to be dull. We’re a fan.



Cover Image Credit: @heartpatrick


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