This Skin Inc Mask Liner Is Your Maskne’s SOS

Skin Inc Mask Liner is our new bestie to fight face mask related acne woes.

Skin Inc Mask Liner

Skin Inc Mask Liner is sold in a box of 20 at SGD 28, the single-use product acts as a physical shield to protect your skin against undesirable breakouts.



  1. Acts as a second skin and protects skin from coarse material of masks

  2. Relieves skin of pressure from masks by 3.2X

  3. Hypoallergenic material calms and soothes skin of irritation by 2.5X

  4. Reduces contamination of masks with less oil absorption


Skin Inc Mask Liner


How to wear it

Step 1: Before putting on the Mask Liner, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.

Step 2: Wear Skin Inc Mask Liner directly on top of skin, followed by mask.


Skin Inc My Daily Dose


Bonus Hack

  1. For extra defense against Maskne, apply 3-5 drops of My Daily Dose ® of Armour to strengthen, balance and hydrate skin.

  2. Or bust the double chin by pairing it with My Daily Dose ® of Uplift and Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light serum to get a more defined and sculpted jawline.


Find out how to use this as part of your complete Maskne skincare regime.


Cover Image Credit: Skin Inc


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