OMG! This “Sippy Face Mask” Is Tea-rrific For Boba Lovers

Gallon Tea Sippy Face Mask - Article Feature Image

COVID-19 survivor and broadcast journalist Howie Severino was apprehended for pulling his mask down to sip water after his bike ride in Philippines. This became a cause for concern with the netizens. How are we to drink our Boba, through osmosis?


This is why we are deeply appreciative to learn that someone took our Boba addiction seriously.


Gallon Tea Bubble Tea Face Mask


Filipino milk tea brand Gallontea saw the struggle and ingeniously created a safe and easy way for customers to enjoy their favourite drinks — a face mask made for drinking Boba.


Gallon Tea Bubble Tea Face Mask Front View


The three-ply microfibre fabric mask is washable and reusable. They come with a built-in silicone button that allows big straws to go through, enabling users to drink without taking off their masks.


Chase Chianpian, owner of Gallontea, said that the silicone button is big enough to fit large Tapioca pearls and other sinkers milk tea drinkers love.


It’s high time to get our Boba fix. We’re thinking of something fancy like alcoholic bobas.



Cover Image Credit: Gallontea


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