IOS 14 Makes MySejahtera Check-In Faster By Double Tapping Your iPhone

IOS 14 iPhone Back View - Featured Image

iPhone’s IOS 14 removes the chore of having to open your MySejahtera app for contact tracing. 


With the latest IOS 14 update, you can easily check-in with the “Back Tap” feature without having to bottleneck at every shop entrance. Make sure the following requirements are met before your set up:

  • Your phone must be iPhone 8 and above.
  • It must be updated to the latest IOS 14, which was released on September 16.
  • You must have the MySejahtera app installed.


Activate the “Back Tap” in three simple steps.

Step 1: Open Shortcuts app, tap on ‘+’ on the top right corner, and tap ‘Add Action’.

IOS 14 - Back Tap - Malaysia -1


Step 2:  Tap ‘Scripting’, then ‘Open App’ and select ‘MySejahtera’

IOS 14 - Back Tap - Malaysia -2


Step 3: Now go to your iPhone ‘Settings’, tap ‘Accessibility’, select ‘Touch’ and ‘Back Tap’. Here you can set your Double Tap and Triple Tap functions by selecting ‘MySejahtera’ in your shortcuts.

IOS 14 - Back Tap - Malaysia -3


Alas! Now you can conveniently double tap your phone to bring up the QR code scanner to check-in or triple tap to check out. No more excuses!


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