Everyone’s Turning Their Favourite Spotify Tracks Into Cool Shopping Receipts

Spotify x Receiptify - Featured Image

Everyone’s creating aesthetically pleasing shopping receipts out of their Spotify playlist and sharing it on Instagram! Here’s how you can create one too.


albumreceipts Instagram Screenshot


Subtly flaunt your awesome playlist to your friends with Receiptify. This site will turn your most-streamed Spotify tracks into shopping receipts. 


1. Consent to usage of your data

Receiptify Consent Request


2. Login via your Spotify Account and choose the period to extract

Receiptify Log In Page


3. Congrats! Now you can share your Spotify receipt like the rest of your basic friends

Receiptify Last Month


Everyone now knows you’ve been listening to Justin Bieber on repeat and you’re absolutely unashamed about.


Check out other awesome playlists @albumreceipts.


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