HEYTEA Is Serving Alcoholic Bobas

HEYTEA Alcoholic Bobas - Featured Image

The popular boba chain from China, HEYTEA, may be known for its cheese milk foam tea but they also have a bar at none other than Clarke Quay, Singapore, serving alcohol!   1. Summer Fiesta Crafted with sweet Japanese plum wine, Every Spring, ice jelly and mini alcohol-infused rice balls.   2. Spring Fling A […]

OMG! This “Sippy Face Mask” Is Tea-rrific For Boba Lovers

Gallon Tea Sippy Face Mask - Article Feature Image

COVID-19 survivor and broadcast journalist Howie Severino was apprehended for pulling his mask down to sip water after his bike ride in Philippines. This became a cause for concern with the netizens. How are we to drink our Boba, through osmosis?   This is why we are deeply appreciative to learn that someone took our […]