10 Bizarre Ways Governments Are Managing Covid Lockdowns

10 Bizarre Ways Gov Are Managing Covid - Featured Image2

As we inch into the new year with hopes for some fraction of normalcy, we take a look at the year in the making, and some of the strange and unusual measures countries across the globe have taken during the Covid lockdown.  Here are the top 10 most creative (or crazy) responses.   House Visits […]

The World’s First “Floating” Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands Is Now Open

Apple Marina Bay Sands - September 23 2020 - Appearing as a floating sphere, Apple Marina Bay Sands is the first Apple store to sit directly on the water.

Apple opens breathtaking world’s first store to sit directly on water. The glass orb appears to float on the iridescent Marina Bay, Singapore, with an uninterrupted 360-degree panoramic view of the city skyline.      The new Apple store is all kinds of spectacle. Fashioned after the Pantheon in Rome, the store boasts a first […]

This Skin Inc Mask Liner Is Your Maskne’s SOS

This Skin Inc Mask Liner Is Your Maskne’s SOS – 3 –

Skin Inc Mask Liner is our new bestie to fight face mask related acne woes. Skin Inc Mask Liner is sold in a box of 20 at SGD 28, the single-use product acts as a physical shield to protect your skin against undesirable breakouts.   Benefits Acts as a second skin and protects skin from […]

The Asian Kopi Lingo Is Made Up Of Four Languages

Kopi Lingo 5 Languages - Featured Image

Did you know, the kopi lingo is a rojak of four languages? (Rojak means “eclectic mix” in colloquial Malay.) In fact, it’s a mix of Mandarin, Malay and other dialects — a reflection of Asia’s multi-racial environment. It’s no wonder I’m hopeless at ordering local coffee.   So, just how good are you at ordering a […]

HEYTEA Is Serving Alcoholic Bobas

HEYTEA Alcoholic Bobas - Featured Image

The popular boba chain from China, HEYTEA, may be known for its cheese milk foam tea but they also have a bar at none other than Clarke Quay, Singapore, serving alcohol!   1. Summer Fiesta Crafted with sweet Japanese plum wine, Every Spring, ice jelly and mini alcohol-infused rice balls.   2. Spring Fling A […]

5 Most Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors in Asia

Bizzare Ice Cream Flavours - Gelateria Dangdo - Featured Image

These ice cream flavors are weird in the best ways possible. Strange — but real.   1. Basil Tomato by Gelateria Dangdo 당도 (Korea)   2. Horse Meat by Basashi Ice (Japan)   3. Black Dog Guinness Stout by Creamery Boutique Ice Creams (Bangkok, Thailand. Creamery has expanded to Singapore and Malaysia.)   4. Crocodile […]

Kopi & Kaya Toast: Get To Know How It All Started

Kopi & Kaya Toast - Article Feature Image

You haven’t experienced what it means to be a true Asian if you haven’t tried Kopi & Kaya Toast. Come now, pull up a seat at your local kopitiam (kopi is Malay for “coffee”; tiam means “shop” in Hokkien) and let us tell you all about it.     Kopi & Kaya Toast is the […]